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Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

"Who's the Hypocrite?"

“Who’s the Hypocrite?”

First I must warn you that I am a Republican. The reason for this “warning” is that in the May 29th paper you were told by Liberal Democrat Herb Moyer that all Republicans are hypocrites and that the Republican State Senators, by their actions, are ignoring and voting against the opinions of the “majority of NH citizens”. Let’s check this out for “truthfulness”.

Herb listed a few recent votes in the Senate that defeated Democrat bills. Because of this he claimed that Republican Senators “...don’t...hold any of the same values as the majority of New Hampshire citizens”. Is this true?

Herb claimed the majority of NH citizens are opposed to the Death Penalty. A little research shows evidence to the contrary. In the recently released Dartmouth College Poll they found the majority of NH citizens support the death penalty. So Senate Republicans did do the right thing! Sorry Herb.

Obamacare? Maggie Hassan and the Democrats have repeatedly tried to force Obamacare down our throats. They attempted to get the Republican Senators to authorize a NH State Obamacare Exchange. No! According to Politico, the Federal Obamacare Exchange covers thirty-six states. Of those States with their own exchanges, four States (Massachusetts, Nevada, Maryland and Oregon) have now admitted their exchanges are so screwed up they are shutting them down. At a wasted cost of $474 Million in taxpayer dollars. What do NH citizens think of Obamacare? According to Dartmouth, 58% of NH residents disapprove of Obamacare. Sorry Herb. Yet the Democrats try to force it upon us again and again.

Voter Photo ID’s? According to the Democrats, its “voter suppression”. Over the past year the NH Democrats worked to weaken our laws. Yet according to Dartmouth 75% of NH citizens support Voter ID laws. Sorry Herb. And he’s calling us hypocrites!

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