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Letters to the Editor

April 4, 2013

State Budget


New Hampshire Transportation Commissioner, Chris Clement stated that 19% of state roads are in good shape, 44% are in fair condition, 37% are rated poor, that there are 148 red-listed bridges and $250 million is needed to Finish I 93. An increase of 14.4 cents would provide $119.52 million each year to repair bridges and roads.

Governor Hassan’s budget will fund state priorities such as public safety, education, infrastructure and economic development. Some question the legality of her proposals, others decry attempts to change the New Hampshire they know and love; however, no detractors proffer revenue enhancing alternatives. During the gubernatorial campaign, one candidate refused to sign the tax pledge. Perhaps there is a contingent of supporters in the House pining for a sales or income tax that seeks to thwart any attempt to raise revenue to accomplish that end. Some wonder what Governor Hassan is up to. She’s doing what all good chief executives do; she’s trying to lead. If no one will join her, New Hampshire will become a dilapidated backwater. Continue to oppose instead of buying in and we can change our state’s name to Mississippi North.

Harlan Cheney


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