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June 20, 2013

Response to Karl V. Farmers letter of June 6

Response to Karl V. Farmers letter of June 6

Karl, you are living in a fairy tale! Or, you are purposely trying to deceive the readers of this newspaper. Learn the facts before you write! Right now, no one can buy and receive, a gun on the internet without going through a complete ‘background check’! You can buy (as in: order one and charge it to your credit card) a firearm on the internet but (and it is a big but), you have to go through a background check by the government before you ever get your hands on it and, and you must pick it up from a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer and fill out the forty question paperwork and provide an I.D.!

I don’t know where you get your information but, you cannot buy a functioning firearm at a gun show in New Hampshire without a ‘background check’. Do not tell me that I missed the impact of Sandy Hook or tell me that I “refuse to see it’s useless because of gun shows and the ‘Internet’. I am much more informed than you are about the subject. The idea that stolen guns are the same as firearms paid for over the internet is inane!

The readers of the Carriage Towne News are smarter than you think.

Keith Stanton


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