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June 20, 2013

Obama Care in NH

ObamaCare in NH

Senator Ayotte has asked for comments on the implementation of ObamaCare in NH...So here are mine.

It’s time the Senator got on board with ObamaCare and make it work for Granite-staters.

Personally, without something like ObamaCare my family would been devastated with both a major paralysis and breast cancer struggles. Fortunately, however, we lived in Massachusetts at the time and had RomneyCare - a blessing that NH should have had long ago. It’s time for Senator Ayotte to join with Senator Shaheen and give her full support for implementation of ObamaCare and then work together with Senator Shaheen to make it even better.

Her criticisms have been out of place; ObamaCare is already having a positive impact for me, my family, and my business. Hundreds of thousands of NH citizens without health care coverage will now be protected. Costs will begin to go down. Preventive care will be mandated. Massachusetts data demonstrates that employers have benefited, as have their employees, contrary to Ayotte’s erroneous assertions.

Yes, our private sector health costs are the highest is the world, but far from the best; simple expansion of Medicare would have been excellent - the Public Option. But people like Senator Ayotte have fought against that approach, and we won’t forget that fact at election time.

Malcolm Odell

South Hampton

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