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November 14, 2013

Response to “My Opinion” by Rep. Kappler

Response to “My Opinion” by Rep. Kappler

After reading Rep. Kappler’”Opinion” on October 24, my husband exclaimed, “What is he talking about? New Hampshire is ranked as having the third highest taxes in the nation. Is this another one of his half truths?” I decided to find out.

First of all, the website Rep. Kappler used, The Tax Foundation, is not really non-partisan. It has been described as pro-business and conservative leaning, and has ties to various conservative groups. It has received funding from Exxon Mobile, the Koch Family Foundation, The Earhart Foundation, and Citizens for A Sound Economy, all deeply conservative. I visited and searched the site and discovered that the Tax Foundations 2013 State Business Tax Climate recently ranked the best and worst states for taxes.

Among the ten best were Wyoming, South Dakota, and a few eastern states that included Florida and New Hampshire. Criteria for this ranking included lacking one or more of the five major taxes: individual income, corporate, property, sales or unemployment ins.

We have no sales tax, state income tax or inheritance tax or estate tax. Granted, our property taxes aren’t the lowest around, but look where we live! What a glorious state, with Mt. Washington, all our beautiful lakes and campgrounds, and so much more.

Nowhere could I find us listed in the top ten worse states. Conversely, we were listed in the top ten best. New Hampshire was ranked as number eight in the ten lowest states on almost every site I researched.

I entreat all those who feel so inclined to do their own research, do it, and then issue a challenge to Rep Kappler to prove his statements. Our local representatives should be presenting us with accurate facts. If they don’t do this, they loose credibility, not only with the party loyal, but with the Independent voters.

Rep. Kappler speaks often and proudly of his perfect attendance record. Good for him! But being honest in his column would be one more thing to be proud of.

Anne H. Millard


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