, Kingston, NH

February 28, 2013

To the voters in the town of Kingston;

Carriage Towne News

---- — To the voters in the town of Kingston;

Please vote yes on warrant article #26. If approved, this article will allow town officials to withdraw $424,000 from the land acquisition fund to purchase 150 acres of land in the Rockrimmon area of town.

Setting this land aside permanently as conservation property will protect the land from further development. This purchase will provide more open space and recreational opportunities for the town. Conserving this area will also be important to protecting the watershed area for the lakes in Kingston. The Rockrimmon area is very close to Kingston Lake. One of the streams flowing into Kingston Lake comes from Ball Road which is in the Rockrimmon area. These streams carry lawn, and road sediment which adds phosphorus to the Lake. Phosphorous stimulates plant growth. We can protect healthy water quality by limiting development and by conserving and protecting land in the watershed area. Your support of #26 is important to our lakes.

Muriel Ingalls, President

Kingston Lake Association