, Kingston, NH

February 28, 2013

Support HB370

Carriage Towne News

---- — Support HB370

I have spent many years advocating for adequate state aid to education. I support public schools, and public charter schools, because they are accountable to the state, and towns in their use of precious state and local money.

In contrast, the voucher bill passed in the last legislative session allows for private schools to receive state money and without such accountability. It will reduce by millions the amount of money being distributed to local public schools, hence allowing for either a forced reduction in local programs, or a raise in local taxes.

This makes it imperative that Senator Stiles and Senator Prescott support HB370 which repeals this voucher bill.

I have heard Senator Stile’s argument that it is not a good idea to repeal a law passed in the last term, in the very next session because, I assume, this is too chaotic, given the short two year time frame. Generally, Sen. Stiles make a good point. But this law, unlike most others, is unique in that it is less about policy, than as a mechanism that directs a sizable (many millions) revenue away from the general fund. That lost revenue is crucial to the local public schools that are struggling mightily with their own budgets.

At this time of revenue crisis, it makes it even more essential to maximize funding to local public schools who serve, and serve well, the great majority of children here in NH. I believe your constituents will hold you both severally responsible if you do not modify your stance.

We can ill afford that revenue loss to local districts at this time. Therefore, I respectfully ask that you both support HB370.

Honorable Kim Casey

East Kingston