, Kingston, NH

February 28, 2013

O’Brien for Hampstead School Board

Carriage Towne News

---- — O’Brien for Hampstead School Board

I am writing this letter to endorse Bob O’Brien for the Hampstead School Board. I am endorsing him because for the last three years he has served on the Hampstead Budget committee, two as Chairman. While on the Budget Committee Bob has consistently sent responsible, common sense recommendations to the ballot for school and town spending. Bob has also sent his two children through the Hampstead school system from pre-school through high school.

Bob understands that there should be a more balanced approach when dealing with school issues. Pinkerton Academy enrollment has decreased by three hundred students over the past year and yet the overall budget has nearly doubled over the last ten years (overall student growth for that that time period is barely twelve percent).

There are elderly on fixed incomes in our community that cannot afford higher and higher taxes. Bob O’Brien would argue the elderly are more than happy to pay their fair share for the education of students in the community; however, all households are having a hard time paying the ever increasing taxes in these tough economic times.

Chris Howe

East Hampstead