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Letters to the Editor

February 28, 2013

In response to Nancy Fiske

In a recent letter, Nancy Fiske wrote “Forty four percent of shootings that used a gun kept in someone’s house were aimed at members of the family that lived there, as opposed to being aimed at intruders”. Ms Fiske, though, omits a very important point: eighty-three percent of these shootings are a means of suicide.

Even if taken on face value, doesn’t Fiske’s statement show that the majority of times, guns in the home are fired at intruders? Does she advocate against the fifty-six percent who use weapons in self defense?

I don’t have any evidence contradicting, or supporting Fiske’s claim that the NRA suppresses government research. One thing I do know is that the NRA provides comprehensive gun safety training through out the United States. There is hardly a need for additional politically motivated government “studies”.

Dan Davis





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