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Letters to the Editor

February 28, 2013

Voters of Kingston:

Voters of Kingston:

The Planning Board is proposing six changes to the Town’s Ordinances in this year’s election.

The Aquifer Protection amendment clarifies a map reference notation. The Telecommunication Ordinance adds a requirement for the use of emergency communication. The Town has noise standards for all zones in Town except for the Commercial Zones; Article 6 corrects this oversight. The Tax Map amendment is the continuation of the project to eliminate split-zoned properties throughout the Town.

The Planning Board is once again proposing the Livestock and Agriculture ordinance. The main purpose of this article is to ensure that the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Agriculture and the Care and Feeding of Livestock in New Hampshire, as adopted by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets and Food, the UNH Cooperative Extension and the NH Horse Council, are being followed. BMP’s are guidelines intended to protect property owners and livestock. Also, due to changes in State law, clarification needed to be made for certain zones; previous items not permitted were automatically considered prohibited, but this changed regarding livestock. The adoption of this ordinance does not affect legally existing uses on properties, nor does it eliminate a resident’s ability to seek relief through the Zoning Board of Adjustment. It does, however, set requirements for the best care of livestock and proper manure management.

The longest of the proposed articles is the Impact Fee Ordinance. This is a fee assessed on new development to help offset the increased cost of services (for example: schools) to support that new development. The Town currently has an Impact Fee ordinance but due to court decisions and changes in New Hampshire law, this ordinance is outdated and inadequate. The Town hired a consultant to rewrite the ordinance so it would meet current laws and requirements. This article would only apply to future developments, not any current housing or businesses.

The Planning Board does not propose amendments without a tremendous amount of review and discussion. These proposals have been developed over several months at multiple public meetings and have had public input at five public hearings. We humbly ask for your support of these articles.

Kingston Planning Board:

Richard G. Wilson,


Glenn Coppelman, Vice Chairman

Peter Coffin, Ernie Landry, Adam Pope, Stan Shalett

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