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June 12, 2014

Renumbering of Coventry Road in Atkinson

Renumbering of Coventry Road in Atkinson

This letter comes to draw attention to a decision by the Atkinson Board of Selectmen to renumber seven
homes on Coventry Road in Atkinson. On October 23, 2013, the Eagle Tribune reported on the significant 
opposition that was voiced at a public meeting in front of the board of selectman on October 21, 2013. The minutes of that meeting – ( reflects thirteen verbatim recorded opposition statements, clarifications, and requests for a reasonable resolution.

However, the decision to renumber seven homes, each with independent driveways and well marked address posts that are very visible from the street, has been made without regard to the six households in opposition. In fact, on May 23, 2014, the affected residents of Coventry Road 
received a certified letter informing them that the address change "will officially take place on June 19, 
2014, providing less than one month's notice of such a significant and unreasonable action. Furthermore, the notification letter confirmed that the decision to renumber the seven homes on Coventry Road was "adopted by the Board of Selectmen at the public meeting held on September 16, 2013”. This verifies that while the residents were invited to a public meeting held on October 21st", the recorded opposition as well as Selectman Baldwin's final comment stating,  "when decisions are finally made, public safety will come
first" were of no merit, since the decision and adoption had taken place more than one month earlier. In fact Eagle Tribune reporter, Alex Lippa, wrote in the October 23rd front page story that Selectman Baldwin" said no decision on Washington and Coventry streets were made at the public hearing Monday night. Selectmen will have a discussion in the next few weeks, before making a final decision." As we have now learned, not true.

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