, Kingston, NH

January 31, 2013

Spreading Cheer in Newton

Carriage Towne News

---- — Once more, as we have been doing for the past sixteen years, my son-in-law and I brave the frigid air and go out on the back porch to listen for what will signal the coming of one of our family’s favorite parts of Christmas Eve. After five or six trips out, we can hear it - the sirens and horns from the Fire Engines, Rescue vehicles and Police cars that make up the wonderful Santa Claus Parade that we have been waiting for! We all grab our coats and gloves and run down to the end of our driveway, waving to the family across the street who does the same. These intrepid and generous people do this every year, they drive down each and every street in Newton, spreading Christmas cheer.

There aren’t words enough to tell these people how much we appreciate their doing this for our town. Thank You all! We hope it never ends!

Anne Millard