, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Support Shea-Porter

Carriage Towne News

---- — One of the reasons I will vote for Carol Shea-Porter to represent us in Congress is the record of the current Congressman, Frank Guinta. When I look at his record on several major issues, I see he does not represent the people of New Hampshire. Let me cite some examples:

Guinta does not endorse a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Most of us are now aware that Citizens United is the Supreme Court decision that declared that “freedom of speech” equated corporations and labor unions with individuals in terms of quantity of campaign contributions. Essentially that ruling has weakened equality in voting power and empowered big money interests. Republicans generally have opposed attempts to undo this astonishingly anti-democratic ruling by the court. Guinta has jumped on that bandwagon.

Guinta has, in my view, contradicted himself on two of his votes: on the one hand, he has taken the usual GOP stand against the rulings of the Environmental Protection Agency, rulings which move to protect the public from pollution, limit use of public land for fossil fuel companies, and would decrease wild life hatitations. Guinta has also voted to block EPA attempts to regulate coal ash as hazardous waste.

So far, it is clear that regulations which move to make life for humans and wildlife better are those Guinta votes against. That follows a GOP pattern of voting against “more government in our lives.” but Guinta has also voted for Congressional review of every major rule issued by federal agencies, including health, safety and environmental protections. I sense a double standard here: bigger government when it is in the interest of protecting big business, smaller government when it is in the interest of fairness and health for all!

I will vote for the Congressional candidate who has a proven record of support for the rights and values of ordinary people, not profit-driven corporations, and that is Carol Shea-Porter. I urge District 1 voters to do the same – for all of us.

Patricia Yosha