, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Tombarello for County Commissioner

Carriage Towne News

---- — I have known and worked with Mr. Tombarello for a number of years now, to my advantage.

In my opinion, Mr. Tombarello is a very upstanding, honest and hard working individual that is an asset to our town of Sandown. We feel lucky to have him working for our best interest.

Tom has devoted his life to serving people starting as a Essex County Sheriff’s Deputy for thirteen years, a Sandown Selectmen in his third term , has served on the Planning Board/ N.H. and on the Conservation Commission in Haverhill, MA. He is also a Master Electrician Mass/N.H. for thirty years.

Tom has been a small business owner for twenty years now so he knows the hard work and commitment it takes for a small business to survive.

He is also a current member of the Sandown Republican Party.

Tom is often seen around town or at ballparks with two of his youngest three children Molly (his daughter) and Jake (his son) and his wife Marykate of seventeen years because one of his greatest asset is a very devoted family man.

I also feel it is time to have ideas with new blood introduced to our office of County Commissioner. I know Mr. Tombarello is the man for that job.

Please take a minute on November 6th when you enter the voting booth and consider Mr. Tombarello for your vote.

I do not think you will regret it.

Brenda L. Copp

Selectmen Sandown