, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Croteau for Senate

Carriage Towne News

---- — I wish to express my support for Carol Croteau for the New Hampshire State Senate seat District 23. I like Carol’s position on the issues that are affecting New Hampshire citizens.

She is both an advocate for stimulating the New Hampshire economy while also protecting the rights of workers to collective bargain. She is a supporter of early education including kindergarten and is in favor of keeping the drop-out age of high school students to 18. She is a proponent of access to health care through government programs that are non-discriminatory, and that extend to the elderly and the most vulnerable. She is interested in supporting a state health care system that is run with the best interest of its citizens and is affordable to all.

Carol is interested in sustainable economic policies that preserve the natural resources of New Hampshire and address the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. Her concerns are that the current tone in Concord is one of isolation and division. Carol is interested in working for the common citizen and is promising to maintain open communication lines to all her constituents.

Please join me in supporting Carol Croteau for the NH State Senate this November.

Bob Moore

East Kingston