, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Response to Rep. Mike Kappler's Opinion

Carriage Towne News

---- — In my opinion, NH State Rep. L. Mike Kappler has gone over the top with his latest rant in the Carriage Towne News (My Opinion, 10/18/12 issue). No, I’m not a resident of the town of Raymond, for which he is a representative, but I have read his editorials over the years and I’ve noticed that they have become increasingly virulent. I just could not let this one go by without responding.

It is a generally accepted fact that raising meat takes more resources (water, oil, feed) than raising vegetables. My family does accept this premise and has endeavored over the past few years to go “meatless” for four days a week rather than just one. I commend the DOA for having the courage to propose “Meatless Mondays.” And yes, I love the taste of meat as well as the next person. But our big animal factory farms have gotten way off the mark by putting profits before the health of the consumer and the welfare of the animal. Where is the compassion for both the animals and the millions of people who are starving worldwide who might just benefit from our eating a little less meat, which, incidentally, would not hurt us one bit? I refer you to a book by Jonathan Foer called, “Eating Animals” (Little, Brown & Co., 2010).

And where does the idea come from that our President Obama holds a “one world” government view? And, yes, he is my President, if not yours, Mr. Kappler. It wasn’t he who started two wars on the pretext of fighting terror, when it seems the real ideology was to gain control over vital resources in other parts of the world. That sounds more like a one-world view to me. From what I have read, I surmise that it’s the big international corporations and the international financiers (by that I mean those with the big bucks) who no longer claim allegiance to one country, be it ours or another, not our own President. I suggest you read the article on by Sam Pizzigata titled “No Country for Rich Men” published 5/14/12.

As for our water resources and their need for protection, most forward thinkers see water as the next natural resource over which our wars will be fought, so I say let’s be smart and protect and conserve it as much as possible. I refer you to the book “Peak Water” by Alexander Bell (Luath Press, 2009). The taxpayers might not have to shell out so much of their money if the corporations who do most of the water polluting (read air, land, etc.) would clean up their own messes.

As for taxes, the “liberal Democrats”, as you describe them, know that the money to run our government and care for our citizens must come from somewhere, unless you want to throw the baby out with the dishwater. You and your cohorts don’t seem to care about your constituents and finding the money to help them, only about getting rid of the Democrats. What choices do you offer, Mr. Kappler?

What has happened to reasonable, respectful dialogue and compromise in our governments, both State and Federal? I’m so tired of the vitriol and diatribe. Someone must have elected those Democrats and that someone expects you to work with them. So either get in there and get things done by working with the reps that “all” the people have elected, or get off the pot!

Nancy Halloran