, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Vote for Maggie Hassan

Carriage Towne News

---- — “Live Free or Die”, it’s more than a slogan to New Hampshire residents. It’s our way of life. Yet, nearly every single day there is a constant a reminder telling us otherwise. Women’s healthcare choices are under attack. Radical approaches to Medicaid and Medicare are being proposed. In the race for governor, there is only one candidate who truly believes in the “Live Free or Die” mantra.

There is only one candidate who supports a women’s right to choose. There is only one who plans to restore funding to Planned Parenthood. There is only one who supports marriage equality. There is only committed to preserving Medicare. There is only one who wants to keep public school money for public schools. There is only one who supports universal kindergarten.

The candidate is Maggie Hassan. Maggie’s moderate approach is the only sane, logical path to lead New Hampshire into the future. She is the only candidate speaks for New Hampshire’s residents at a time when choice and personal freedoms are under constant attack. She is the candidate with an inclusive vision for New Hampshire’s educational system. A strong education plan is critical for jobs and economic growth for the state. This November vote for the future, Vote for fairness. Vote for Maggie Hassan.

George Hamblen