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Letters to the Editor

October 25, 2012

Newton Cemetery Project Update

The soil replacement, seeding and first fertilization phase of the project has been completed at the Willow Grove Cemetery. We are now in the irrigation phase and Mother Nature has been very good to us with the amount of rain we have received.

However, we will be moving irrigation equipment into the cemetery very soon just in case we need to do additional watering over the next several weeks.

The grass has started to come up but it is still very sparse and the ground is very soft. Therefore we will continue to keep the cemetery closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the next several weeks. In fact, it may be kept closed until the snow falls.

We realize this may be inconvenient and disappointing for family and friends of those folks buried in Willow Grove but, after all the work and assets that have been put into this project, we will take whatever steps we feel are necessary to protect the lawn while it is in this delicate state.

Foot traffic at this stage of the project would destroy the grass.

As mentioned in previous announcements, we are prohibiting the placement of any objects or memorials on graves in Willow Grove until the spring of 2013.

Anything placed in the cemetery will be discarded without notice.

We appreciate your continued support in helping us ensure Willow Grove, which is also the home of our World War II Veteran’s Memorial, will be a cemetery that we can be proud of and will show due respect to our friends, family, Veterans and loved ones who are buried there.

This will not affect any interments that may be required.

Bill Landry

Newton Cemetery Trustee




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