, Kingston, NH

October 25, 2012

How is “Hope and Change” working for you?

Carriage Towne News

---- — Our wonderful country is under siege by the Obama Administration.

The U.S. is heading right off the dreaded cliff. Huge debt, devaluation of the dollar, and lack of national security. That style of governing weakens us; our enemies laugh at us and are simply waiting for our economy to go bust; while our President sees nothing wrong with the socialistic way of governing.

We are the United States of America, we are for democracy, free speech, capitalism and entrepreneurship.

If you agree with me, we have a candidate who can turn this country around, bring down the debt and put Americans back to work.

That man is Mitt Romney. Please vote for him on November 6. Our country sorely needs his leadership.

Veda Paoletta

East Kingston