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December 12, 2013

How to Win Elections, etc.

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---- — How to Win Elections, Etc.

Obama and Democrats have finally shown us how to win elections and pass partisan legislation - You Simply Lie! Their lies are too numerous to list here but let’s look at a few.

Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration over an Internet video. We did all we could to rescue our people. NSA wouldn’t spy on the calls, emails, etc. of all Americans or on the wire services and free press (think Associated Press). The IRS would never abuse its power by persecuting opponents (Tea Party) or infringe upon the political rights of a free people.

They had nothing to do with the ‘fast and furious’ operation or the Border Agents that were killed as a result. And the unemployment figures published (conveniently) just before the 2010 Elections that turned out to be completely fabricated (they wanted to give us the good news early).

Finally Obamacare - a disaster passed on the basis of false promises and claims (that they knew were false from the outset). Obamacare will mean better insurance and lower costs for everyone.

If you like your insurance and your doctor, you can keep them. No one’s existing health insurance policies will be cancelled. But if they are, all these cancelled people will be better off because they will get better policies for less money. And it’s certainly not redistribution of wealth, certainly not.

Too bad Catherine Sibelius and all her minions have failed so badly in rolling out the new system - they needed more forceful leadership. Where’s Leon Trotsky when you need him?

John G. Matthews