, Kingston, NH

December 12, 2013

County Adult Day Program Needed

Carriage Towne News

---- — County Adult Day Program Needed

I was a bit taken back by the news that the Adult Medical Day Care Program at the Rockingham County Nursing Home in Brentwood will be closing its doors as of December 31st. I can only relate my own experience, as I have a mother that attends and I can attest that it has been a very positive program. This program provides nursing care just short of actual traditional nursing home care. It is affordable and valuable to our senior citizens as it provides daytime medical care if needed.

Most of these elderly are driven there every morning by their family members. They look forward to being in a place which is safe and enjoy time interacting with others rather than being left at home alone while their children go to work (the program is run only during the weekdays).

This program has been in existence for over thirty years. I have difficulty understanding what has changed over the years. Our elderly are not widgets where we get to decide what is affordable to maintain for profit and what’s not. People that are in governing positions that are overseeing programs like this one should understand this. While I suggest that this is not a business that gets scrutinized by the bottom line, I have not seen any marketing to promote awareness of the program which I also understand has never been undertaken. I also challenge what has been reported in the newspaper and what is real, as there is no way that fifty people could be using the area designated for the day care center.

RCNH should be trying to promote and expand the program rather than kill it. Even if I didn’t have a family member participating I would like to see the program continue to be available for our elderly. The Board of Commissioners should look into the real numbers and reverse their decision.

Luke Papamichael