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Letters to the Editor

December 12, 2013

Thank You for your Support

Thank You for your Support

On behalf of the Kingston Community House Board of Directors, I would like to thank the townspeople of Kingston and the surrounding communities who have so generously supported the move to our new location at Church Street Station.

The response to our new quarters has been overwhelming. I have to admit we were rather worried about how we would staff our expanded hours with nothing but volunteer help.

We shouldn’t have worried.

Not only did our previous volunteers step up to the plate, but they brought friends, who brought friends, whose school-age kids have also volunteered, and we’ve made many new friends who are now volunteering or plan to volunteer as well. It’s a really great place to be!

Special thanks go out to Susan and John Lemaire, Stella Moore, Melia Scheffler, Alice Murray, Kathy and Karly Houghton, Donna and Walter Roy, Joe-Anne Shepherd, Nancy Griswold, Cindy Fraser, Kathleen Tinker, Pat Cline, Christy Gutierrez, Cathy Brooks, Michelle Rohulich, Allison Blaisdell, Norma Kemp, Leslie Dawson, Steve Hayes, Carol Parker, Nancy and Jeff Imonti, Lois and Bob Cotreau, Dee Bransky, Debra Murray, Richard and Susan Currier, and the many others who stopped in to help us set up and continue to help us in the operation of the store. Thanks as well to Selectman Peter Broderick, who found our new location, to Jason Rodriguez and Nick Kakouris of Fremont Pizzeria, and to anyone whose name I may have inadvertently omitted from this list.

And of course, thanks to all of you who continue to donate to and buy from our thrift shop; it is yet another way that Kingston allows us to be “friends helping friends.”

Judy Oljey


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