, Kingston, NH

January 10, 2013

Failure of our GOP Representatives

---- — I’m shocked to learn that both our NH Congressmen and Senator Ayotte, along with their GOP colleagues, left Washington without sealing a deal with the President to protect America and NH jobs from the Fiscal Cliff.

I’m shocked to learn that even when House Speaker Boehner tried to bend even a little, by proposing to raise rates on income over $1 million, their party humiliated him, forcing him to abruptly cancel a vote on his “Plan B.”

This is the irresponsible failure in GoP governance that led NH voters to turn our two GoP Congressmen out of office.

Indeed, as the President said, it was time they had an eggnog, thought of their responsibilities to America and NH voters, and went back to work with Senator Shaheen to forge a compromise with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama that works for America.

Clearly they drank the eggnog but--regardless of what sort of compromise might emerge--they failed NH voters--and America--on their responsibilities.

Malcolm J. Odell, Jr., MS, PhD

South Hampton