, Kingston, NH

December 27, 2012

Eggnog and Responsibility to Compromise

Carriage Towne News

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I'm shocked to learn that our NH Congressmen and their GoP colleagues have left Washington without sealing a deal with the President to protect America and NH jobs from the Fiscal Cliff.

I'm shocked to learn that even when Speaker Boehner tried to bend even a little, by proposing to raise rates on income over $1 million, the GoP humiliated him, forcing him Thursday night to abruptly cancel a vote on his “Plan B.”

This is the irresponsible failure in GoP governance that led NH voters to turn our two congressmen out of office.

Indeed, as the President said, it's not too late to have an eggnog, thought of their responsibilities to America and NH voters, and get back to work next week to forge a reasonable compromise with President Obama.

Malcolm J. Odell, Jr., MS, PhD


South Hampton