, Kingston, NH

October 3, 2013

Common Sense Healthcare

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---- — Common Sense Healthcare

Recently someone made a derogatory comment to me about “Obamacare”. I had been explaining that I didn’t have health insurance and that it should be a sin to make huge profits off the sick.

I truly don’t understand the comment because this person was complaining about the high cost of prescriptions. I replied I’ve never understood why Americans must pay more for prescriptions than everyone else in the world. And why did Bush make it against the law to save money and buy your prescriptions in Canada?

With the latest tragic shootings at the Washington shipyard, I am saddened that yet another mentally ill person with voices in his head was untreated and in his delusions decided it was better to end it all in a hail of bullets aimed at innocent unarmed fellow Americans. The news is now full of politicians calling for better security measures at our naval shipyards as if this would solve the problem; we only have to remember the teachers and children in Newtown to realize this.

The real underlying problem is our lack of comprehensive healthcare for everyone. The man was ill and his case was well-known to his associates and others, but he went untreated. Wouldn’t it make good sense to help and support the mentally ill with free comprehensive treatment? Wouldn’t we all sleep better? I’d like to suggest a new party- the party of common sense. We would have simple policies like take care of the sick.

Susan Kostandin