, Kingston, NH

September 26, 2013

Response to Jim Mittica of Atkinson

Carriage Towne News

---- — Response to Jim Mittica of Atkinson

I’m writing this response to Mr. Mittica’s letter published in the August 29, 2013 issue of the Carriage Towne News, but in actuality I am not really, I will explain:

What I write is not going to affect Mr. Mittica`s thinking in any way as indicated in his letter; he is so far out in left field (actually right field) that I know any facts that didn’t come from Faux News, will fall on his deaf ears; I am simply challenging many of his misstatements.

As is normal, I started reading Mr. Mittica`s opinion from the top and I could get no further than the first paragraph.

Mr. Mittica states, “the president trumpeted during his election campaign, Al Qaeda is on the run.” (End of quote)

In all fairness I would think the president was following the truism that most military leaders from Caesar to Eisenhower hypothesize, which is, “that if you cut off the head of the snake the body will die.”

According to the Daily News (New York daily September 3, 2013 headline,

“Most of Al Qaeda’s big names have been either captured or killed, but some remain.” (By Joseph Straw- Editor).

The Terror Network confirmed a US drone strike claimed another top terrorist Saudi, Said Al Shari, the cofounder of Al Qaeda’s deadly Arabian affiliate.

Ten of the 14 terrorist on the original rogue’s gallery of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists are off the battlefield.

According to Matthew Olson, the director of the national counterterrorism unit, “the group is really struggling to survive, to recruit, train and operate.”

There will always be an Al Qaeda, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, as long as there is an Israel, Palestine, and a Middle East. (Isn’t it some way that’s Obama’s fault?)

Dear Mr. Mittica: please note that when I quote something I give you the location of where I received my information so as you can check its validity.

I would be very suspicious of any talking point I got from Faux News as it took them forever to figure out who won the election.(President Barack Obama - President Barack Obama -say it, it really doesn’t hurt).

Right-wingers continue to whine about Benghazi ad nauseam. First of all Mr. Mittica states that Pres. Obama lied about the attack on Benghazi and that misinformation was purposely altered so as to help Pres. Obama in his re-election campaign. Pres. Obama won because the majority of the American electorate thought that he was the better candidate, which he was. American people are pretty darn smart - Romney was a piece of wood and they knew it.

Donald Trump, another Republican hero “blockhead”, has told the Republicans that they had better watch out for Hillary Clinton. Maybe the Donald can find some dirt on Hillary as soon as his detectives get back with the goods on Barack Obama’s birth certificate - remember that.(news flash - Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president - get used to it)

Robert Grier