, Kingston, NH

September 26, 2013

Response to Robert Grier / Affordable Care Act

Carriage Towne News

---- — Response to Robert Grier / Affordable Care Act

Mr. Robert Grier writes constantly in favor of the Affordable Care Act and why not? He certainly has reasons to be happy about what benefits he believes it will provide for him and the “lower middle class”. He has every right to get those benefits should he desire and is willing to pay for them. The reason that we pay for benefits provided by insurance is because health is not guaranteed by being alive. Insurance is part of the “pursuit of happiness” that we as U.S. citizens have the right to seek should we desire.

Insurance companies are in existence to what...? Are they there to go broke? Does providing benefits for a premium not allow for a profit margin to create a pool of money to be saved and invested to provide a cushion against claims? Our president decries the greed and inhumanity of insurance companies and then dumps 30 million more people into their hands. The AFCA requires insurance co.s and businesses and individuals to purchase and provide benefits which have driven massive amounts of change to our nation’s workforce.

Do you think that making 29 hour work weeks to avoid providing benefits to employees is a good thing Mr. Grier? Does the fact that unions and businesses have sought waivers to avoid the mandate even register that this act is a problem? When do the working class individuals get a waiver? It is nice to believe that everyone should be able to afford decent healthcare. If insurance co.s didn’t need to survive financially they might even charge a lot less than they do. But mandating what they have to do can only increase the cost of their plans.

The reason most Americans object to this mandate is because we don’t like to be forced to buy something we don’t want or don’t need! This act also depends on young people who are healthy providing the money needed to keep ins. co.s afloat. That is socialism and taking from one to give to another.

My question to you sir is this...How can a person or family who is barely making ends meet afford a minimal monthly payment of say $700 for a family of four and still maintain their way of life? How can a person whose hours have been cut to 29 a week afford everything they usually pay for and now afford insurance too? And, what will people do when the IRS takes their refund and sends them a bill to pay the penalty for not buying insurance?

I believe that the reason healthcare has gotten so expensive is because so many entities have tried to get a piece of the patients money. Why don’t hospitals offer their own insurance plans and keep costs down and close to the source of care? Imagine paying the hospital of your choice a premium that eliminates all middlemen and allows healthcare workers and their immediate staff to make a decent living and still keep costs down for patients. That is limited local socialism that can be accountable to each beneficiary. Will the federal government provide everyone who subscribes to the AFCA a detailed cost to benefit portfolio so we can determine what the true benefits are? I highly doubt it!

Ed Parent