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Letters to the Editor

July 30, 2013

What's the Big Deal about Lyme Disease?


I'm in my third year of treatment, for a disease that I didn't know I had, one that caused symptoms for years. A disease that ultimately led to me leaving my job when I was so sick and just couldn't perform well, when those symptoms for my undiagnosed lyme affected my brain and my heart and made my life so complicated.

Lyme is no fun. It isn't an easy disease, a simple disease to cure with a 30 day treatment. When I hear of someone being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I cringe. I cringe because of the unknown, the learning they will have to do, the politics they will face in getting care. Many people are walking around out there with Lyme disease and they don't even know it. They will get diagnosed when they are in late stages, after having it for years, like I did, when it is so much more difficult to treat.

Two years ago, one of my children was bitten by a tick. The doctor shrugged it off, even when a rash occurred. I changed doctors. In the end, I found out that both my children have lyme anyway, having been exposed in utero and/or via breast milk. My symptoms are nothing compared to what I witness my children struggle with on a day to day basis.

My children suffer joint and muscle and belly pain that they don't understand, incredible fatigue that leaves them laying on the floor for hours in between minutes of playtime while their friends play around them, times that they sob for unknown reasons, times they can't get their bodies under control, and insomnia at great stretches. There have been times my son could not walk on his own feet, there was a period of ten days that he could not talk.

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