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March 28, 2013

Threats are Un-American

Threats are Un-American

The recent letter to the Editor titled “Democrats Will Evolve With Time” set up an interesting category of society outcasts. The author put together in one group: Democrats, liberals, leftists, socialists, prisoners, drug dealers, “unionists”, leftist schoolteachers, union bosses, thugs, and hardened criminals. There’s a lot more, but all has the same tone: anyone who believes other than in following a strict path of correct religious, social, and scientific behavior should be silenced and imprisoned. He equates dissenting opinions with the policies of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, and Amin, and misses the irony that the prime objective of these dictators was to lock up dissenters.

While “Democrats Will Evolve With Time” represents the extreme edge of political debate, it is precisely the reason our Federal Government is in deadlock, and our state and local governments are in danger of the same path.

It is time to support a centrist position and recognize that difference of opinion is what good government is all about. In our town, we have members of committees whose knee-jerk response to any proposal brought forward is to object to it. This can be maddening, but it forces all members of the committee, and the townspeople, to consider new or changed regulations without rubber-stamping them. The extreme RSAs passed by the previous Legislature made New Hampshire voters wake up and examine their representatives more carefully. Yes, New Hampshire went Democratic but it also established a more reasonable and statesmanlike Republican minority. We can only hope that the Legislators can now hash out different opinions without staking out immovable turf.

Continue the debates, and the necessary compromises, and put away the threats of prison and suppression.

Pete McVay


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