, Kingston, NH

February 21, 2013

To Kingston Voters:

Carriage Towne News

---- — Please join me in voting for Article 20 to create a Heritage Commission and Article 21 to create a Heritage Fund. The passage of these articles will provide Kingston with additional resources to recognize and protect our historical and cultural resources.

The State of NH defines a Heritage Commission as protectors of Town resources that have historic, cultural, and aesthetic or community significance. An appointed Heritage Commission could accumulate, organize and share information pertaining to the protection of Kingston’s “Heritage” resources, working in concert with other Town committees and State agencies to inventory resources of historical significance and provide recommendations for their maintenance and preservation. The Town is lucky to already have a Commission that oversees issues within the Town’s historic districts and a Committee that oversees the Town’s historic museum but their jurisdiction, by their own definition, is limited. A Heritage Commission works for the items of significance for the entire community.

The Creation of a Heritage Fund provides the Town with the ability to receive, hold, and spend money raised by donations, grants, bequests, fund raisers, Town warrant and other sources for the preservation of our Heritage. This fund is non-lapsing which means that the money can accumulate from year to year and does not need to be spent each year. The fund may only be spent on Heritage planning, education and protection with both Heritage Commission and Board of Selectmen approval. Further, the establishment of a Heritage Commission and Heritage Fund confirms Kingston’s commitment to the preservation of our historical and cultural resources giving Kingston an enhanced status when applying for grants.

I love Kingston and I am proud to live in a town whose heritage bragging rights include the hometown of a signor of the Declaration of Independence and past NH governor. I believe that passage of these Articles will help preserve our proud heritage. On March 12, please Vote Yes on Articles 20 and 21.

Debby Powers