, Kingston, NH

March 7, 2013

Elect Johannesen as Danville ACO

Carriage Towne News

---- — Last year, the Town of Danville voted to get rid of the regional ACO contract with Plaistow by reinstating the Danville ACO position as an elected position. The Town passed this warrant by an overwhelming 418 to 263 vote.

I was one of those who voted to reinstate the ACO position as the regional ACO contract with Plaistow does not appear to be working. Apparently, the regional ACO makes quite a bit more that our own ACO previously made. In addition, the Danville Police appear to be spending just as much time answering animal related calls as the regional ACO is. This baffles me because I understood that a primary purpose of the regional ACO contract was to free up police time so that they could spend more time on public safety related issues. Also, I am very concerned about the illegal puppy mill businesses that continue to operate in town and that are being ignored by law enforcement.

I fully support electing Sheila Johannesen as Danville’s ACO. Sheila was the Town’s former ACO before the Selectmen got rid of the position. Sheila is very passionate about her work and helped me on more than one occasion when my dog jumped the fence and disappeared.

In addition, when Sheila was ACO she recognized that Danville was on a tight budget and arranged for pet oxygen masks to be donated to the Town’s fire department. Rather than ask for training funds, she frequently was able to obtain grants to fund her training. She also vigorously enforced the dog licensing laws, which generated revenue to offset her costs.

Sheila has also established herself with the NH Department of Fish and Game and has worked well with them in resolving local wildlife issues. She also established a local nonprofit called the Danville RAINBOW Association (Rescuing Animals In Need By Offering Welfare). One of the primary purposes of this organization is to provide funds for pet food and pet medical care to persons who are having a tough time economically. The organization has also funded wildlife education demonstrations to the Danville Elementary School.

Sheila deserves to be the Danville ACO again and Danville needs her. Please vote for Sheila Johannesen for Danville ACO.

Laura Games