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Letters to the Editor

March 7, 2013

Censorship at Newton's Candidate's Night

Most people are too busy working for a living in order to pay their taxes to notice these things, but these are the rights that our soldiers fight and die for. This “Candidate’s Night” was poorly advertised on the town’s website since it was only listed under, “Cable Committee Presents the 2013 Candidate’s Night” and not listed at all on the town’s website meeting calendar. Also, it was not mentioned in any of the local newspapers.

The people have to know that they are being censured at the town hall. During the, Candidate’s Night, our public officials participated in the disgraceful act of censuring the questions being asked of the candidates. I submitted a question by way of another person since I had a prior commitment, fully expecting that it would be read word for word. Instead, what was read even confused the moderator. Someone had purposely distorted the question to water it down to the point of worthlessness. This appeared to me to be preplanned by the powers that be in our town hall.

It was not a personal question rather it was a specific question with regard to a warrant article proposed before the town last year. It had to do with selectmen’s actions and a warrant article that was planned and approved by them less than one year ago and I think forgotten about by most people. Here is the question:

Question for all selectman candidates: As selectman, Trisha McCarthy voted in favor of and clearly led the charge for the failed Administrative Enforcement Ordinance of 2012.

It was the unconstitutional “Collection of penalties prior to a formal summons or complaint, along with “Enhanced penalties which included the doubling or tripling of these of these penalties”. Nancy Wrigley, our town administrator, said, “It was to get more teeth.”

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