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Letters to the Editor

March 7, 2013

Weldy for Raymond Selectman

My name is Lee Weldy and I have been your selectman for the past three years. I am asking for your support and vote on March 12th. With your help and continued support I can continue to represent you, the people of Raymond.

I currently manage and oversee a trucking company’s fleet. My duties include purchasing, sales, negotiating contracts, inventory control, budgeting, and overseeing administrative duties, all items that I have used my knowledge of while serving our town. .

During my three years of serving as your Selectman, I have tried to maintain fiscal responsibility to avoid huge tax spikes, working with staff, even in these tough economic times, to promote Raymond for economic growth. I know the taxpayers can only afford so much and with responsible development we can relieve that burden by bringing business to our town to increase our limited revenues.

We were able to negotiate the sale of a vacant town owned parcel of land in the down town area to the Regional Economic Development Center. Part of the appeal is that they will be offering a business training center that will include a reference library, computer center, classrooms, and short-term office space. Having a valuable asset like this located in our town can only help us.

We also marketed and sold other properties in an attempt to get them back on the tax roles to generate revenue. We continue working with a developer who plans to develop Exit 4 to bring a much needed sewer system to our community, a system that will serve the needs of the town with the potential to expand with future growth.

We have other projects which if completed will benefit our community and again provide a revenue stream with minimal impact to our community. With your support, I plan to continue to seek growth opportunities.

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