, Kingston, NH

March 7, 2013

Elect Mylott and Souza for School Board

Carriage Towne News

---- — I am concerned about the power grab that is being attempted by two members of the Epping Board of Selectmen- Diane Gilbert and Karen Falcone. Both Gilbert and Falcone are running for the Epping School Board this year. In addition to their school board aspirations, Karen is currently the chairmen of the Board of Selectman and Diane is seeking re-election to the Board of Selectman. Their potential election to both boards and the fact that the town’s administrator already serves on the school board will lead to the concentration of power in the hands of a small group.

One would be mistaken to assume that either person is interested in working toward improve Epping’s public schools. Mrs. Gilbert has been affiliated with an organization called The Alliance for Separation of School and State. This organization is in favor ending government involvement in education. Her name shows up in the Alliance’s Registry of Signatories from New Hampshire who signed this proclamation, “I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education.” * In addition, Gilbert has driven with a bumper sticker on her car that reads, “It takes a School District to Bankrupt a Village.” Gilbert and Falcone both ignored the free advice of the Town’s underwriter and instead voted to spend town funds to hire an outside lawyer to investigate the School District’s finances.

If you have ever watched or attended a Selectmen’s meeting you have seen how divided Town government has become. Can you imagine what School Board meetings will be if these two are elected?

To stop such a power grab that will divide the community and possibly lead to the dismantling of Epping’s public schools, please consider supporting two common-sense candidates for School Board- David Mylott and Chris Souza.

Mr. Mylott is running for re-election. If you have attended or watched any School Board meeting, you have seen him demonstrate calm, steady leadership based on listening to all sides and getting the facts.

Chris Souza is an experienced leader in education having worked in both public and private schools, serving as a principal of an award winning high school in Vermont. He also has served on the Budget Committee. Both have children in Epping Schools and believe in common sense public education.

I believe Dave and Chris have a very strong chance to win in the crowded field of seven candidates running. I need your help in supporting these two reasonable candidates for the School Board.

Jared Mallett