, Kingston, NH

October 11, 2012

"Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Carriage Towne News

---- — This is what it feels like to be actively involved in the world of politics and legislation. It truly saddens me to read, hear, and witness the lies that the extreme majority politicians are telling folks.

For two years, I witnessed Speaker O’Brien not listen to the people in the house. He managed this in several ways. When challenged, he would strike the gavel down and state “out of order “, he removed longtime members off their committees if they did not vote the way he wanted them to, he locked the doors to the peoples gallery, he took measures that cause extreme inconveniences for Republican Representatives who stood their ground with an opposition, and the list goes on.

My opponent Dan Itse has a very close relationship with Speaker O’Brien. The speaker has rewarded Dan for his loyalty to the extreme right party. They both have the same destructive agenda that will set this community and ultimately the state of New Hampshire far back. My opponent does not represent Fremont. My opponent represents Speaker O’Brien.

The primary purpose of a state representative is to represent the community that they have been graciously elected to. This allows the local community’s voice to be heard and represented in Concord. Without it the local level community will lose all local control. If you look over the years you may notice that this is exactly what has happened with Dan Itse as the state rep for Fremont.

The communication skills, legislative knowledge, integrity, plus more are what I will bring to Concord be on behalf of Fremont, if elected. We will work together to restore what Dan Itse and others have taken away. We can then move forward together as a team.

The choice is yours. The facts are true. Elect Felicia Augevich, who will work for you.

Felicia C. Augevich