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Letters to the Editor

October 11, 2012

Political Tales from the Trail

What I see while going door-to-door and speaking to voters is that they’re looking for a new direction or rather that government get back to its main purpose. Even those who are Undeclared and you feel would typically lean Republican are disappointed with how dysfunctional, divisive and unresponsive government has now become to their interests. The Tea Party is over. Voters have told me this in so many words; the game of divide and conquer is seen now for what it is - playing the people for mere political pawns. Meanwhile, I met a man holding a doorknob in his hand, changing the locks to his now foreclosed house. He does not buy into the Right Wing rhetoric, now he is merely struggling to survive. I see another nice home abandoned; cleaned out with some of the children’s belongings: a keyboard, some hastily discarded toys, left in the front lawn where these children once played and where their parents once called them into their home to eat. The American Dream for this family is dashed. The vitriolic political discourse cannot resonate with them; they, too, are faced with the stark struggle for survival. I even witness canvassing the affluent areas a change in the atmosphere; is not so easy to be cheerful if so many in your community are distressed.

You see, this is because we are all a part of the same community in the end; it does not matter what part. We all rely on each other not only for survival and prosperity, but for our social well being. It is our government’s chief role and obligation to ensure this.

George Manos for State Rep Campaign

Rockingham County

District 33 (Danville, Fremont, Brentwood)





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