, Kingston, NH

October 11, 2012

Maggie Hassan for Governor

Carriage Towne News

---- — Before we moved from Nashua to Hampstead 25 years ago, I was very involved in the Nashua Republican Party and was even President of the Young Republicans. Even Judd Gregg (former US Senator) was an active member. Those days Republicans were moderates. They rejected the likes of Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society. The difference between a Republican and a Democrat was slight. The extreme left wing of the Democratic Party rejected the George McGovern’s as the extreme right of the GOP rejected the John Birch’s. The John Birch Society was way out to the extreme right.

How different is the TEA Party from the John Birch Society? I don’t find much difference between the two. I reject extreme leftists as well as extreme conservatives. Of our two candidates for Governor, one has swallowed the TEA from the TEA Baggers potion and the other is a moderate.

Ovide does not support women’s rights to make decisions about her own body and Maggie does. Both have taken the pledge to oppose a Broad-based tax. Maggie supports marriage between two consenting adults and does not define genders. Ovide opposes that. (Does Dick Cheney still oppose it now that his daughter has married someone of her same gender?) Maggie supports insurance coverage of contraception, but Ovide has stayed clear of that issue. Maggie Hassan supports clean energy and Ovide has come out and wants to deregulate. If we deregulated the oil companies, how would Alaska (Exxon Valdez) and BP Oil spill be managed?

I see no reason to support Ovide. I see many reasons why I support Maggie Hassan for Governor.

Joel Saren, M.S., East Hampstead

Disabled USMC Veteran

Adjunct Professor Endicott College and Cambridge College