, Kingston, NH

June 27, 2013


Carriage Towne News

---- — Courage

I’ve seen a lot of Letters to the Editor in various papers over the past two weeks attacking the Senate, its proposed budget and asking the question, “why would the Senate vote against expanding Medicaid when its free money?” The answer is simple, Courage.

It’s easy to do the politically correct thing and spend money without thinking about the unintended consequences, the long term impact and the cost to those who are actually paying for it, the taxpayers. It takes Courage to try and explain the complicated hidden costs that every taxpayer will be impacted by, the loss of access to doctors who refuse to accept these new Medicaid patients and the financial transfer of costs onto those who will still be paying for private insurance.

The Democrats talk of making things easier for 58,000 people (34,000 of which already have private insurance). They do not talk about the impact on the other million NH citizens. That would take courage.

During the next two weeks the House and Senate will be negotiating the final budget. I, for one, support the Senate for their Courage and representing not only us, but the future for our children and grandchildren.

Brian Griset