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June 27, 2013

Kingston Fire Department and EMS Personnel Instrumental In Saving Life Of Loved One

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---- — Kingston Fire Department and EMS Personnel Instrumental In Saving Life Of Loved One

Kay LeClair and her family, would like to personally thank the Kingston Fire Department and its Emergency Medical Personnel for providing exceptional life saving care during her recent medical emergency.

The goal of the Kingston Fire Department is to provide efficient and effective response to all calls for assistance in the town of Kingston. These calls include medical aide to those in need and it was never more apparent than on May 1, when their services were needed to save Kay’s life.

Kay was experiencing shortness of breath at her home when she notified her son David of her problem. David immediately called 911 and within minutes of the call, Fire Chief Bill Seaman along with EMT’s Graham Pellerin and Karyn Maxwell arrived at the house. “Knowing Kay personally, I could tell she wasn’t herself and was experiencing discomfort.” explained Graham. The ambulance did not even make it to the end of her road when she went into cardiac arrest. Graham, Karyn and paramedics from Exeter Hospital immediately performed advanced life support methods to start it again. At that time, additional emergency personnel were called. The Kingston Police Department already on scene was quickly joined by the towns Highway Department to ensure a safe and direct route to the hospital.

While they were en route to the hospital, the team aboard the ambulance were able to use state-of-the-art equipment purchased by the town’s Fire Department. The “LUCAS Chest Compression System”, an automated device that administers CPR and the “LlFEPAK 15”, the most innovative monitor and defibrillator device used for life saving situations such as this, were used to provide Kay with the necessary care needed for survival. The emergency personnel on board the ambulance that day expressed the importance these medical devices had on her survival. “If it wasn’t for the equipment we have access to on our ambulance, the outcome may not have been as successful,” explained Graham.

Kay’s grandson Jamie Page, expressed his families appreciation by echoing a comment from Dr. Wharton, MD, FACC, Medical Director of the Cardiac Cath Lab at Exeter Hospital, “The exceptional life saving efforts the team aboard the Kingston ambulance provided to my grandmother, were critical to her survival and outstanding recovery.”

Kay was released from Northeast Rehabilitation Center in Portsmouth, on May 23 just in time to celebrate her remarkably quick recovery Memorial Day weekend with her family, only three weeks after her emergency. “I want to thank Chief Bill Seaman, Karen Maxwell, Graham Pellerin and all of the emergency personnel who responded to my immediate care that day,” Kay gratefully stated. The Kingston Fire Department and its emergency personnel continue to reserve a special place in Kay’s heart where her late husband Eddie served for 41 years and was instrumental in establishing Kingston’s ambulance service.

Kay and her entire family David, Patti, Debbie, Gary, Nancy and Edward Page, Kay’s grandchildren Tori and Jamie would like to extend their sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved in the care she received that day and the overwhelming support during her recovery.

Jamie Page