, Kingston, NH

April 10, 2014

‘Indian Cowboy Alliance’ to March on DC

Carriage Towne News

---- — ‘Indian Cowboy Alliance’ to March on DC

This Earth Day, the “Indian Cowboy Alliance” will ride horseback to DC to protest the tar sands Keystone XL Pipeline. The full impact of this historic action touches many emotions. The Native Americans would really try again to appeal to the US government? The shameful way in which the wool was pulled over their tribal elders’ eyes at the turn of the century is not going to fly in this day and age. The world is twittering quick and becoming more transparent every day.

Many remember the Keep America Beautiful anti-litter TV commercial of the 70’s “Crying Indian” where he has that one tear in his eye. A commercial that stays with you after forty years attests to the effectiveness that Native American values can have on environmental issues. Now I don’t want to romanticize the TV commercial, there was also a stiff anti-litter campaign waged at the same time which resulted in laws and penalties. End result, we don’t litter like we used to.

The I-C Alliance recognizes that the tar sands oil transported by Keystone represents a significant new source of fossil fuel pollution. Their “Reject and Protect” event will focus attention on Climate Change: the surging levels of carbon dioxide that have already caused serious extremes in weather patterns, an increased acidity of oceans, and a significant rise in sea level. Result: drought and floods in areas where neither were frequent, and loss of crops. Look on for examples.

Say No to Keystone XL who aims to pull their “safety study” wool over our eyes today. Like the old anti-litter campaign, let’s combine Native American values and US laws and mandates to wake up from our over-consumption dream and work to reduce our carbon footprint personally, as a community, and as a country. Search on Google for “Exeter NH Transition Town” Facebook to see how Exeter is lowering its carbon footprint.

Renay Allen-Hitzrot