, Kingston, NH

November 7, 2013

Open Season on Next Generation

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---- — Open Season on Next Generation

With the reopening of the government, and the obliteration of the debt ceiling, the foul political establishment, collectivists from both the Democrat and Republican parties has reasserted control over the pocketbooks of future generations.

These two wings of The Big Government Party demonized the minority of House and Senate members who sought to staunch the flow of borrowing and the accumulation of perpetual debt.

Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and the suck-up media, hurled insults at their opponents,tagging them as “tea baggers’, “terrorists”, and that old stand-by epithet, “racists”. Never mind that each of these Democrats previously denounced raising the debt limit. Constancy and principles are, after all, impediments to the players of power politics.

In the United Sates, a significant number of people have faith in rhetoric like the President’s statement: “Increasing the debt limit does not increase our debt”. Given such naïveté, Washington elites were able, without risk, to depict opponents to big spending as seditionists. Ron Paul was right, “truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

Even NH’s Kelly Ayotte, the darling of the low morality GOP establishment, went along to get along. In a quavering voice, Ayotte told of her 8 year old asking, “why can’t you get the government open?” Of course, we can’t expect that this child knows that she, and her little brother, each already owe $50,000 of the cash debt, and probably ten times that in un-funded liabilities.

At some point in the telling of this trite family anecdote, the senator spoke of common sense, as if borrowing money today and sending the bill to the future, is in any way sensible. In essence, Ayotte favored a position that beggars her own children.

Well, the deal is done. The president signed legislation that included: $3 billion of pork (a polite way of saying “bribe”) for Republican Mitch McConnell, and $173,000 to the multimillionaire widow of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Attempts to defund Obamacare failed, and the millionaires in Congress, and their overindulged staff members, will get a 73 percent insurance subsidy.

More importantly though, the deal did not set a new dollar limit on the debt, only a deadline of February 7. Seems that it is open season on the wealth of the next generation.

Dan Davis