, Kingston, NH

October 31, 2013

Who Is Wrong? What Is Wrong?

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---- — Who Is Wrong? What Is Wrong?

Who is Barack Obama?

Black, White, Muslim, Christian, American, Kenyan, Anti American, Socialist, Anti-socialist, Nazi, Big spender, Gives away recourses, A wimp, A war monger, A dictator, A negotiator, Smart, Lazy, Takes too much time off, Reads the Koran, Reads the Bible, Foreign diplomat, Too liberal, Too moderate?

First he is the President of The United States of America! As such, Barack Obama should be afforded the respect that every previous president has had. But he has not. I’m not talking about agreement of ideals, issues and policies but the basic respect of the person that is the commander and chief and leader of the best and most powerful country of the free world. Unfortunately there have been more people in the US that have disrespected him than in foreign countries.

That aside, what is driving this great nation apart? Is it racism, conservatism, or is it what I have been saying for years, just plain greed?

If you do your homework and review the accomplishments of the Obama administration, you will see progress for America. Increased jobs, lower taxes, debt reduction, reduced government spending, the continued up lift of the stock market, the resurgence of auto manufacturing, more US oil production, increased illegal immigrant deportation, the defeat and death of American terrorists.

If you look at what congress has done, especially the GOP/tea party headed house, you see nothing but obstruction. The house has not produced one legitimate item of worth during Obama’s term of office. There has been no effort by the GOP, especially from the tea party, to compromise on anything. They spent more time trying to kill Obamacare and women’s rights than trying to address jobs. These are the facts.

When you hear the GOP/tea party talk about the Obama administration, you hear the opposite of reality.

The latest ploy by the GOP/tea party of shutting down the government shows the recklessness, for no reason but to do it, that they are not the fiscal responsible people they say they are. It cost us $24,000,000. That’s billion. And they/we got nothing for it.

Obama is in his last term and has no political advantage to gain. So what gives?

The tea party is trying to take over the GOP so that they can try to rule the country. They don’t believe in compromise or “I am my brother’s keeper” or helping those in need! They are not really interested in the ideals of what we know as the American way! They want to be a dictatorship!

They are wrong! Don’t let them do it!

Karl V. Farmer