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October 10, 2013

Addressing Mr. Grier

Addressing Mr. Grier

Mr. Grier is a very prolific writer, one who uses Alinsky’s Rule 5 and 12 expertly: ridicule and personally attack your opponent. The left has this tactic down to a tee. Perfect example is the “filibuster” by Senator Cruz the other night. During the entire 22 hours Senator Cruz comported himself with dignity and responded to his fellow Senators with courtesy, and respect. He used facts instead of resorting to reading the DC White Pages to hold the floor. Contrast his Statesmanship with the attacks of the Left, Senators Durbin, Reid, McCain(R) and Schumer, these men proved themselves to be the political hacks they are by resorting to ridicule, false accusations and political spit ball.

My point is this: Americans must rid themselves of the ideology of a “party”, because the left is leading America to destruction. The Left (be they R or D) lie while they accuse their enemy of lying, deceive while they accuse their enemy of deceit: projection. They fight with ridicule and personal attacks, all backed and regurgitated by a media owned by the left, and that includes Fox News.

Next, the Left’s defense of Obama and Hillary Clinton, Pelosi etc., defies reason at this point. Benghazi equates to Treason, someone gave the order to Stand Down and watch Americans die. There is a reason they were left to die; what needs to be “hidden”? Extortion 17 (death of Seal Team 6) equals treason. Shipping money and arms to Syrian rebels equals treason: we are supporting terrorists that have cut out hearts and livers and eat them, cut a child to pieces with an electric saw, murder and pillage Christians and anyone opposed to their radical agenda.

America was great because America was good, funding our sworn enemies, funding and supporting terrorists, funding the upheaval of the “Arab Spring”, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, giving those positions of power in our government is treason: America is no longer great because America has ceased to be good. Why own the means of production when you can control it through over regulation? Why is it Egyptian citizens can see what Americans fail to?

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