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Letters to the Editor

October 10, 2013

Celebrating Civil Rights Activist


Coleman was arrested and pled innocent (claiming self-defense, though none of the activists had weapons). Coleman falsely claimed that Jon pulled a knife on him. Subsequently, an all-white, male jury acquitted Coleman of murdering Jon, and the attempted murder of Fr. Morrisroe.

Nearly a half century later, Jonathan Daniels is celebrated as a martyr by the Episcopal Church. August 14th is commemorated by the Church to celebrate his life of service and his sacrifice in giving his life to save a young girl. On a personal note, my siblings attended the Keene elementary school named in his honor. The Virginia Military Institute commemorated JonÕs life and sacrifice by establishing the Jonathan Daniels’ Humanitarian Award.

Jon’s legacy lives on in the Granite State, as NH put civil and human rights front and center with an Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution, and being one of the first states to pass marriage equality.

Carol Croteau


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