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April 3, 2014

Job Gap Won’t Solve Wage Gap

Job Gap Won’t Solve Wage Gap

State Representative Regina Birdsell in her letter to the editor of March 6, 2014, parroted the Republican talking points relative to wage parity of women and men working the same jobs. This supposed human resource professional should have done her homework on her wage gap vs. job gap plan. Perhaps she was “too busy,” as this information is widely available.

She suggests that women should become engineers rather than healthcare workers. When women and men are compared in the same jobs, working the same hours and time in service men still out earn women. In the engineering field, women engineers earn 36% less than what a male engineer earns of equal status. This is even less than the reported 77 cents a woman earns to every dollar a man earns in the general job market.

However, in the healthcare field the wage gap is much smaller. When comparing registered nurses, women earn 93% for every dollar men earn. Wider Opportunities for Women report that even in this woman dominated field of healthcare, men are promoted quicker and more often than women.

The job gap is a fallacy and is irresponsible to suggest that it will solve the problem of the wage gap. If this is Birdsell’s plan to eliminate the wage gap we have a bigger problem with our State Representatives from Kingston and Hampstead. The New Hampshire legislature is considering HB 1188 and SB 207. These bills will protect employees when they discuss their salaries (Free Speech without fear of job loss); and, will protect employees when they find out they are being paid less than their male counterparts. These are Pro Family bills; when a woman earns the same wage as their male counterpart then she contributes more to her family. Families will be better able to pay their bills, buy a home, save for college for their children, basically achieving a higher standard of living. Isn’t this the American Dream?

Carol Croteau


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