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April 3, 2014

Corporations Need to Step Up


If these multinationals, many of whom pay no federal taxes, feast on the (middle class) public trough via subsidies and tax credits, while off-shoring money to avoid paying taxes do not return to America, they should be charged a “participation fee” to sell their ill-gotten, cheaply-made, high-priced goods in this country. Perhaps 5% of sales would defray the cost of providing sustenance to the American workers they have displaced. Perhaps corporations would forgo some of these injurious tactics if the putative, federal tax rate was not 35% but equal to the industrial world’s average of 15%.

When did it become the federal government’s role to create jobs? That’s the civic function of industry by way of expansion to increase shareholder value. The companies that cannot succeed in this endeavor are bought out or fail. Government’s role is to set America’s course and the corporate role is to reach national goals such as rebuilding the infrastructure and transportation systems. Such programs require a coalition of business, labor, and government.

The American people are hungry for work, hungry for opportunity, upward mobility, the “American Dream” and also hungry for food and lodging. Thirty-six million of them are hungry, literally. People will follow their stomachs; we continue on this path at our own peril.

Harlan Cheney


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