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Letters to the Editor

April 3, 2014

Corporations Need to Step Up


It is obvious that the standard of living in the US is falling. The cause is massive outsourcing of jobs to foreign lands over the last several decades.

History will decide whether or not Edward Snowden is a traitor. The real traitors are the US multinational corporations that outsource jobs that strengthen autocracies like China, where the tainted products originate from. This nation saved those corporations from communism and have repaid it with desertion. They feel no compunction about aiding and abetting a potential, global adversary while selling out the native workforce that made their overwhelming success possible. They weaken their own homeland politically, economically and militarily by their unmitigated greed.

Absent their treasonous practices, the United States would have retained its position as the world’s leading producer of goods. First they moved out of the inner cities, creating ghettos. Over the last three decades, they have abandoned America and its citizens. They claim that they must go to foreign lands because the US lacks qualified employees. Their real intent is to pay the lowest common denominator relative to wages. Large corporations import workers by paying visa fees for the same reason, lack of technical expertise. That’s just another smokescreen to bring in workers who will work for less, while our own highly-qualified college graduates leave college buried in debt and have no prospects for landing a career that pays a salary equal to their abilities. They too end up in the low-paying sectors of employment, clamoring for a higher minimum wage. If we had more production jobs in this country, competition for employees, not government fiat, would drive up the minimum wage; however, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon so it is imperative that the minimum wage be raised because it is the middle class who are paying the entitlements that provide subsistence for low-paid, minimum wage employees.

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