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Letters to the Editor

March 20, 2014

Sanborn Connection

KINGSTON - Greetings to the Sanborn Community. In this article I would simply like to recap the election results from March 11, 2014. Thank you to all who participated in the many meetings and took part in the voting process.

Beginning with the election of school officials, congratulations to new School Board Members Corey Mason (Newton), and John Morano (At-large). Additionally, welcome back to Nancy Ross (Kingston) and Jan Bennett (Newton). Thank you to Rebecca Hallisey for her years of service to the School Board and the children of our community.

Rick Russman was once again elected as the School District Moderator. Cheryl Gannon (Kingston) was elected to a three-year position on the budget committee and Jim Doggett (Newton) was also elected to a three-year term on the budget committee. Allen Felisberto was elected to the one-year position on the budget committee.

Article 2, the General Acceptance of Reports passed in both communities by a total vote of 1338 in favor and 84 against.

Article 3, the Operating Budget article, failed overall, resulting in a default budget for another year. The voters of Kingston passed the Article by a vote of 369 in favor and 309 against while Newton voters defeated the article by vote of 395 in favor and 487 against. The overall tally was 764 in favor and 796 against, defeating the Article by 32 votes.

Article 4, Fund Balance Retention passed in both communities. In Kingston, the vote was 412 in favor and 263 against. In Newton, the vote was 470 in favor and 403 against. The overall tally was 882 in favor and 666 against.

Article 5, Recorded Votes and Numerical Tally, also passed in both communities. The vote in Kingston was 588 in favor and 75 against while the vote in Newton was 726 in favor and 133 against. The overall tally was 1314 in favor and 208 against.

Article 6, The Estimated Tax Impact Article, passed in both communities. In Kingston, the vote was 473 in favor and 195 against. In Newton, the vote was 612 in favor and 254 against. The overall tally was 1085 in favor and 449 against.

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