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March 20, 2014

Rebuttal to "Hunting Restrictions Necessary"

Rebuttal to “ Hunting Restrictions Necessary”

In Response to Heidi Hanson’s (Stratham) letter to the editor, there are already many hunting restrictions that are imposed on hunters performing a legal activity in the State of New Hampshire. From yearly licensing to distance limits on how far away from roads and houses that you may hunt to the type of firearm used and the time of day open for hunting, the list is lengthy. I suggest all anti -hunters do some research and they will find that the open space that they so love for outdoor activities is paid for, in part, by hunters and fisherman alike.

There are a number of factually incorrect statements that Ms. Hanson is submitting as fact. There are actually very specific days, in a year, that hunters may hunt animals all of which require special permitting or licenses. She also states that there are “over 2300 acres of land specifically dedicated to hunting and fishing in the seacoast area” if she is referring to the Great Bay Wildlife Refuge that is hardly “dedicated to hunting”. This land is tightly controlled by the Pease Tradeport with very limited access. There is no other such “dedicated” land on the seacoast. Hunters and fisherman face ever-shrinking availability of open land for outdoor activities and yet pay ever-increasing costs.

But Heidi’s opinion is interesting because she states, “you’re also in the company of hunters carrying shotguns and rifles” as though the mere presence of hunters, who are also enjoying the outdoors and not necessarily doing anything wrong, bothers her in some way. So what’s missing here? Is there some precedence as to why she feels uncomfortable about their presence? Has there been any hunting related incidents that would require additional laws be passed? Or does this really distill down to the simple fact that we are seeing nationwide, a leftist leaning against traditional American culture and activities?

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