, Kingston, NH

Letters to the Editor

March 13, 2014

Deliberative Session and Town Meetings


The other point that I believe is worth mentioning is the issue of attendance at these and other town committee meetings. I think the majority of people are interested in what is happening in the town but have so little time to become personally involved. Most people in our town are working one and/or two jobs to support their families and don’t have the time to attend a meeting during a weeknight at 7:00 p.m. I would offer a recommendation for our town: I would like to see the meetings streamed live via Many other towns and schools in area (Exeter, N. Hampton, York, ME etc.) are already using this technology. The cable programming in place on Channel 20 is great and our Cable Programmer Barry Hantman works diligently to ensure the meetings are uploaded in a timely manner. (The Deliberative session was being broadcast on Danville’s cable channel within one week of the meeting.)

I, for one, would use this as an option to stay informed and I believe others in the town would as well if given the opportunity.

Stefanie Dube


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